Ubuntu System Administration

Ubuntu system administration can become quite complex in spite of Ubuntu being focused on ease of use for the user. Such tasks as virtualization, Windows integration, clustering and high-visibility fail over, and cloud deployment require specialized skills and knowledge to ensure proper execution. Additionally, routine Ubuntu system administration tasks, such as server installation, user management, and server patching,can tie up valuable IT time better spent on business intelligence (BI) and other tasks that boost the bottom line.

Fortunately, our Ubuntu system administration services are set up to help you manage your Ubuntu environment efficiently and cost-effectively. We can ensure the availability and scalability of your critical Ubuntu resources as well as provide 24×7 monitoring, troubleshooting, system and user management, updates, backups, and more. In other words, we’ll help you get your Ubuntu environment into the best shape of its life.

Ubuntu System Administration Options

We offer two options for Ubuntu system administration:

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