Solaris System Administration

Solaris system administration has its own unique challenges, as Solaris contains a number of unique features, such as Dynamic Tracing (DTrace),  ZFS,  and Time Slider. In particular, Solaris 11 introduces features and enhancements in network virtualization, server virtualization, storage, security, and hardware support. It’s not easy to keep up with and implement all of these new and useful aspects of Solaris, especially when tied down by all of the routine tasks involved with Solaris system administration.

If you could use a hand with monitoring, response, maintenance, updates, backups, patching, user administration, virtualization, clustering, fail over, security, or any number of other routine or critical Solaris tasks, let us assist you. We offer flexible Solaris system administration services that can provide you with 24×7 protection of your Solaris resources as well as on-demand standalone tasks to ensure peak reliability and performance of your Solaris systems.

Solaris System Administration Options

We offer two options for Solaris system administration:

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