ONdemand System Administration

When your need for operating system administration services change day to day or week to week, our comprehensive, value-added ONdemand system administration services will deliver, allowing your IT department to do more. ONdemand system administration are available at your command – just tell us when you want it, and how much you want. If a system administration task or project exceeds the resources or expertise of your staff, ONdemand system administration picks up the slack, giving you prompt, efficient, and cost-effective services on an hourly basis.

Available for Linux, Redhat, Ubuntu, Unix, Solaris and Windows operating systems, ONdemand system administration services give you exactly the task or set of tasks you need for reliable system operations and enhanced performance. ONdemand system administration is there for you whenever and however you need it.

Dbaport ONdemand System Administration include:

Implementation & Updates

The creation, installation, patching and upgrading of your operating system (OS), including:

  • OS installation
  • OS updates
  • Assistance with hardware specifications
  • Assistance with server specifications
  • Server upgrades
  • Server migrations
  • OS Patching

Analysis & Improvement

The discovery, recommendation and execution of system-related OS improvements, including:

  • OS Performance Analysis
  • Recommendations & Remediation
  • Disk Management/Admin
  • System Stress Testing

Business Continuity Planning

The preparation, creation and testing of backup and recovery-related processes specific to the OS, including:

  • Backup & Recovery Development
  • Disaster Recovery Assistance
  • High Availability Planning

Security & Object Administration

Administration, modification and creation of user accounts and groups related to the OS, including:

  • Auditing
  • Active Directory Administration
  • User Account Maintenance and Creation

ONdemand System Administration Makes Challenging System Administration Tasks Easy and Safe

Available how and when you need it, ONdemand System Administration makes it easy to get system administration tasks done on time and at less cost versus hiring the full-time staff necessary to handle many of your projects in-house. Your organization will also be thankful, as small problems that your staff may not be able to handle will be identified, fixed, and prevented for the future.

Examples of ONdemand Support include:

  • OS installation
  • System configuration
  • Clustering
  • Hardware specifications
  • Hardware selections
  • OS patching
  • Backup-disaster recovery planning/assistance
  • Third-party software

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