Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) Consulting

Oracle RAC enables high availability and scalability of your Oracle Database solutions, but it also adds a great deal of complexity to them. Our experienced Oracle RAC experts will ensure your Oracle RAC solution is properly configured for your specific application and, continuously monitored for reliable and optimal performance, all while providingand provides your organization with the maximum benefit possible.
Our Oracle RAC consulting services can help you:

  • Evaluate whether a RAC installation is right for your organization
  • Reduce the risks involved with an Oracle RAC deployment
  • Determine the right cluster architecture for your specific needs
  • Select the best Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) RAC servers and hardware
  • Configure the raw disks for Oracle RAC
  • Configure the distributed lock manager (DLM)
  • Install Oracle RAC software
  • Set up Oracle Transparent Application Failover (TAF)
  • Review your existing Oracle RAC configuration and provide recommendations
  • Execute recommendations to optimize the design, reliability, and performance of your Oracle RAC environment
  • Provide any number of other custom Oracle RAC services

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