Oracle Exadata

Facing an Oracle Exadata deployment? Got any Exadata superheroes on your payroll?

Okay, so you may not actually need a superhero. But unless your staff is well versed in Exadata, your best option is to bring in remote DBA experts certified by Oracle to provide end-to-end Exadata solutions. Experts such as the ones at Dbaport.

A high-level platform such as Exadata can pose challenges to implement and, if not executed properly, all kinds of problems could arise immediately or down the road. Why not make sure the job is done right from the beginning? Why not make sure you have 24×7 remote Oracle DBA services and support from qualified specialists? It’s only your enterprise at risk, after all.

Remote Oracle DBA Experts Certified in Exadata

With over a decade of experience providing remote Oracle database administration and consulting services, we will ensure your Exadata project is handled by experts qualified to plan, design, install, and support Exadata solutions. We’ll give you the confidence that your Exadata deployment was executed properly to give you maximum benefit from this powerful platform.

Our Oracle Exadata consulting service can completely revolutionize the value your enterprise is able to extract from its data environment by providing you with:

  • Database administrators certified by Oracle to provide Exadata services
  • Expertise gained from a broad customer experience base
  • Documented best practices specific to your installation
  • 24×7 monitoring of your Exadata solution
  • Reduced IT costs through consolidation of your database systems and hardware

Exadata must be deployed properly to get the most out of the solution. Get it wrong and you miss out on some degree of the cost efficiency, performance boosts, and enhanced business intelligence Exadata provides. Additionally, your ROI will be delayed, and your whole organization could be at risk of potentially catastrophic data problems.

Our Oracle database consulting services will make sure your Oracle Exadata deployment gives your organization the competitive edge it is supposed to. Plus, we’ll do it at a cost far below the expense of hiring full-time staff to install and administer the Exadata solution.

End-to-End Oracle Exadata Consulting Services

When we assist with your Oracle Exadata deployment, we will guide you through three main phases: planning, implementation, and ongoing support.
Through this process, we’ll help you:

  • Plan and design an Exadata solution that does exactly what you need it to do
  • Implement the solution to ensure quick provision of your Oracle Database environment, facilitating a rapid return on your investment
  • Protect and support your solution through our renowned Continuous Service Assurance (CSA) approach, which provides 24×7 support of the Oracle Exadata environment through monitoring, system-level troubleshooting, and execution of your routine processes

In short, you’ll have the Oracle Exadata deployment your organization needs for the superior decision-making and competitive advantages it seeks.

Oracle Exadata DBA Staffing

After deployment of your Oracle Exadata environment, we can also provide you with any level of DBA staffing you may need. Whether you require remote Oracle DBA staffing or part-time or full-time onsite staffing, we have the Exadata specialists to address your current needs as well as scale to fulfill any planned or unplanned future requirements.

So don’t enter Exadata territory alone. Let our end-to-end Oracle Exadata administration services guide you past the pitfalls, protect your investment, and maximize its benefits. Call us now at +1 830 282 7474 to schedule an Oracle Exadata consultation and talk to an Exadata superhero today.